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Timings: 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday

The treatments at Dr Skin are personalized, effective and only given by experts under the supervision of the head dermatologist who is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a member of European Academy of Dermatology. Sun screen marketed by DRSkinEmd to GCC countries

Skin Glow Cream

A special cream, to reduce hyperpigmentation on the face. It is a cream specially for melasma / chloasma or pigmentation related to sunlight or subsequent to a dermatosis. Useful in tanned skin or lighten the skin colour.

Since it has Kojic acid, Vitamin C in
therapeutic concentrations, it is non
toxic and effective.

Soothing Cream

Is diluted potent cortisone cream for convenient application over large areas of the body, specially in Pruritus of unknown origin or papular urticaria in children.

It can be applied on sun eczema, twice daily, sparingly, as always.


40% Salicylic Ointment

Very effective for the treatment of corns, calluses and hyperkeratotic psoriatic plaques on the soles and palms of the feet.
Soles and palms to be immersed in warm water at night for 10 minutes, dry with napkin, apply cream, affected areas, before going to bed

Rejuvenating Cream

As the name suggests, it is for removing dead skin and bringing back baby skin. By virtue of it being a Retino A cream, it exfoliates. It has to be applied gently and sparingly all over face and left overnight. Useful for scars and blemishes.

Resurfacing Cream

It is a retinoic acid cream in higher concentration designed for the treatment of scars, specially acne scars. It is highly potent and serves as the final topical cream for deep seated scars. It peels off the skin and has to be applied sparingly in gradually increasing duration of time.

For e.g. apply for half an hr initially for few days then for two hours for few days and then gradually the whole night.

Acne Lotion

Also known as lotio alba.
Age old formula for the treatment of acne /

Shake the bottle, take very little on the palms, rub palms together and apply those
wet palms on areas of pimples. Very useful
for pimples on the chest and back. To be left overnight.

Clear Skin Cream

Ideal skin care management for all skin types including sensitive skin to have a glow, to wipe away dead skin, daily applications, every night, after washing face with a face wash. Leave it overnight.
See the difference in a month`s time.

Instant Glow Cream

Unique for an instant glow, or for achieving a uniform blemishless skin. Useful for superficial indistinct hyperpigmentation, apply daily all over the face. Leave it overnight, do not rub or scrub too much of the cream. Apply gently, spread it evenly with soft hands.

In three months pigmentation, superficial scars would vanish to the endorsement of all who care!


The only oil free sun screen presently available. User friendly 30 SPF sunscreen available in a 4 Oz non collapsible travel friendly tube. Being sweat proof and water proof it does not clog pores or cause breakouts and its broad spectrum sun protection makes it useful as an antiageing cream.

Undereye Cream

For dark circles under the eye, whatever the cause, like circulation, lack of sleep, fatigue, familial heredity etc. Those who are having itching around the eyes, must first apply a cortisone cream for two months around the eyes, then start using the undereye area, leave it overnight. The results are welcome, encouraging and satisfactory.

Keratolytic Ointment

Made by adding salicylic acid powder in a vaseline base to make 3% cream, for topical application for dry skin and for generalised plaque psoriasis.


Whitening Cream

Is a diluted one to one Ligman`s formula, a
standard regimen for hyperpigmentation. It contains a steroid cream, a retinoid 0.25% and ammoniated mercury in recommended
concentration, diluted one to one in cold cream.

It has to applied sparingly at night, not to be rubbed, for a maximum period of 4 months.

Oily Calamine Lotion

The calamine lotions available over the counter, when applied, dry and seem to cake causing discomfort. Oily calamine does not dry or crack up, hence is soothing all along. It is antipruritic, can be recommended in any pruritic condition.

It also can be used in an oozing rash or an acute rash, where it is not appropriate to recommend a steroid cream. If a patient cannot afford a sunscreen, oily calamine can be used as a physical agent which blocks ultraviolet rays.

Skin Fair Cream

It is Kligman`s formula, except, instead of hydroquinone, it contains ammoniated mercury. Most creams with Hydroquinone when applied irritate, produce erythema if not applied sparingly and in small quantities.

Skin fair cream is to be applied verylittle, not to be rubbed and left overnight. It is useful in all hyperpigmented skin conditions, specially melasma.